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                              M-42 EW2 A1

 Breakdown of All Parts to Complete and Build Model


 Product Description

 M-42 Model

 E  (Electric) Winches

 W (Winches) Electric

 2  (Double Winch Setup)

 A (Pro Model)

 1  (Unit 1)


22 Hudson Falls Rd.
Building 64
South Glens Falls, NY 12803


Model above is shown complete and assembled. The 3-point attachment is shown connected to the model in the above picture.** All attachments must be purchased separately**. Listed Below is a few prices to choose from when ordering the M-42EW2A1 Model. The M-42EW2A1 is not shipped complete and nor is the attachment included. **some assembly is required**  Unassembled units makes it more affordable to ship when purchasing on-line. Price A  is **frame work only**.  Price B is **frame work ** and **all electrical components. ** all electrical components shown in chart 1 below will be dropped shipped with some assembly and some wiring required.

Price: ( A ) is *** Frame work only***Frame work only*** Below in chart 1 shows all metal parts.   M-42EW2A1 ships unassembled with some assembly required.  All add-ons and electrical components must be bought separately. Chart 2 shows all the electrical components to add onto M-42EWA1 and approximate pricing to build your own model M-42EWA1 Backdragger and assemble yourself if you like to purchase separately and choose different lightening

Price: ( B)  is ** Frame work and all electrical accessories shown in chart 1 and chart 2 that will be dropped shipped assembly and wiring will be required.

Price: (C)  is completed unit pick up at business location 22 Hudson Falls Road S.G.F NY 12803. Some models in stock. All models will be built in 2-4 week build time approximate.

Price (A) $2135.00 and email for shipping cost

Price (B) $4379.00 and email for shipping cost

Price (C) $4500.00 and email for shipping cost

Approx pricing M-42EW2.jpg
M42  Break Down 1.jpg

Chart 1

Chart 2


Chart 2

M42 Tall Headgear Frame w Lower attachment.jpg
part number breakdown m42EW2A1.jpg
part number breakdown m42EW2A1 two.jpg
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