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          M-450EW/DA Military Model
                                      Model includes a  Low Profile Headgear Frame
                                       9500 lb recovery winch     
                                       Hydraulic double acting  power unit,                                                                                                                                                light package and leveling jacks as shown below**                                                                                                           Recovery Tool With A Vehicle That Attaches to 3-Point Implements
M-450EWDA 2.jpg

Contact us for direct purchasing if purchases are for
Federal, State and Local government applications or if
you are interested in distributing our product

M-450EW/DA Model Includes:
- M-460 Solid Attachment Bar w/plate painted black
- Lower headgear frame painted red
- Upper headgear frame painted red
- Quick Release Connector Tube
- Adjustable Adapter Plate
- 3-Point Bar
- 3-Point Connector Side Plates (2)
- Adapter Tube
- 12v Vehicle Battery cable Supply Kit with disconnects and circuit breaker to attach to vehicle battery
- 12v Power Outlet (for strobe light) Strobe Light Not Included
- Double acting power unit with pendent controller
- hydraulic ram
- hydraulic hoses (2)
- Hydraulic fittings (4)
- Plastic battery box
- battery disconnect to power unit
- Hitch Pins (3)
- 3/4" x 6" Pin (upper pin)
- 3/4" x 4" pin w/clip (lower pin on connector tube)
- Bolt Hardware Kit
- Leveling Jacks (2)
- 3 Light Bar
- Left turn LED, Stop, Tail, Turn lights
- Right turn LED, Stop, Tail, Turn lights
- Reverse Lights LED
- Work Lights LED
- Reverse Light Bar LED
- Junction Box plastic
- 7 Way Harness Cord
- Zip Ties
- Loom Clips
- Self Taping Screws
- Electrical Ring Connectors
- Blue heat shrinks
- Toggle switch for work lights
- In-line fuse holders (2)
- 9,500LB Winch

Not Included:
- Battery Not Included (Also must be hooked to vehicle battery)
- Beacon  strobe light on York Rake
- 3- point implement (must purchase separate)
- Hydraulic Oil / ATF
- Winch Not Included
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